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Stops Creditors

A skeletal bankruptcy filing stops the harassing phone calls. In 30 minutes or less, freedom can be yours.

Buys You Time

If you have a big check coming, the bare bones filing will buy you the time you need and gets the creditors off your back.

Stops Foreclosure!

Once you file, it stops the foreclosure and eviction notice the date and hour your bare bones bankruptcy filing is stamped.

Six Things You Don't Know

Bad things sometimes happens to good people for no particular reason. You lose your job. A divorce got messy and expensive. You got behind on your bills. It happens.

Contact us now and learn the six things you don't know about skeletal bankruptcy. It's free. There's no obligation for buying anything. It's just our way of sharing the facts of what really works to stop creditors dead in their tracks and give you a little peace of mind.

You guys made a complicated process easy. We don't know what we would've done without you. Thanks for everything. You're the best!!!

William Bronson -- Fort Worth, Texas

As a single parent, it was very difficult to go through my housing situation. Skeletal bankruptcy made this an easy process with all the forms already prepared. All the steps were included and easy to follow. Thank you again for all your help!

Sydney Ruth -- Homestead, Florida

Awesome service! All the necessary documents were prepared for me. This service helped me buy time to make a decision on my home.

Robert Timpone -- Fort Worth, Texas

The services were fast and all the paperwork was filled out for me. I filed my skeletal bankruptcy allowing the modification on my home to get completed. PERFECT!

Trina Moore -- Houston, Texas

What can we, simple, and easy!! We were lost and felt stuck. We didn't know what to do. Skeletal bankruptcy guided us and helped stop our foreclosure. Great Service!!!

Dennis Osana -- Rescue, California

Six Things You Don't Know...
Get this free report on the facts of Bare Bones Bankruptcy. Stop creditors cold. Save your marriage. Save your sanity. Learn how to file a skeletal bankruptcy.

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